What class should I Teraburn as a new player?

calendar_todayPosted on 18th November 2020

Teraburning events occur during big MapleStory updates, usually a couple of times a year. A Teraburning event allows a player to gain 2 extra levels for every normal level they get, up to level 200. They essentially get 3 level ups in one go, helping speed up progression immensely. For new and returning players, this is a great opportunity to kick-start your MapleStory account.

Teraburning isn't just good for levels either; usually players get equipment items that can help them progress even faster, including bonuses for training beyond level 200. This makes it a great event to start a new main character if desired.


The question of what class should you be teraburning comes up a lot. And the answer really depends on what type of player you are and if you've made any progression so far.

New Players Teraburning

If you're a new player, I recommend Teraburning a class that is going to be your main character that you'll be playing on until the end. This will allow you to start progressing your character in terms of using cubes, obtaining equipment and participating in other events.

If you've already started your main character and are below level 140, you should probably delete the character. It takes around an hour to get to level 140 with a Teraburning character, so you won't lose much progression. You can move any mesos and useful items to your Storage to transfer to your account.

If you're above 140 and are close to level 200, stick with your main account, Instead, use Teraburning for a useful Link Skill account. There are 2 really useful training Link Skills: Mercedes and Evan. Mercedes gives 15% EXP at level 2 and Evan gives Rune duration buff by 50% at level 2. Teraburning either one of these classes will benefit your main account.

Returning Players Teraburning

Returning players will usually already have a main character and probably a couple of useful Link Skill characters. As a returning player, you can use the chance of Teraburning to create either more useful Link Skills (there's at least 12 you'll need!) or you can use it to grind one of the slower classes for Legion Board points.

Slow classes are ones with terrible mobbing skills. Ones like Shadower, Mercedes, Angelic Buster and a few others that are a pain to level.

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