What are the meso rates for Mysterious Meso Pouch?

calendar_todayPosted on 16th November 2020

Mysterious Meso Pouch is an item given out to players for many different tasks in MapleStory. The item can give a random amount of mesos to players when used. This item is given out quite a lot as a substitute reward for Reboot players (since some event shops have items like scrolls, which have no use in Reboot world).

The item can give one of the following amounts:

  • 100,000 mesos
  • 500,000 mesos
  • 1,000,000 mesos
  • 5,000,000 mesos

Based on user data of opening 981 Mysterious Meso Pouch Bags, the rates at which you get these amounts is as follows:

Amount Total Total % Total Probable Values
100,000 501 51% 50%
500,000 276 28% 30%
1,000,000 147 15% 15%
5,000,000 57 6% 5%
Total Bags 981 100% 100%

The total probable values is probably what the actual rates of meso is. We'll add more data overtime.

From 100 Mysterious Meso Pouch bags, you'll earn on average 60,000,000 Mesos.

How To Get Mysterious Meso Pouch

You can currently get Mysterious Meso Pouch from the following places in MapleStory:

  • Surprise Missions
  • Pollo/Fritto Rewards
  • Inferno Wolf
  • Elite mob drops
  • Purchase from Crusader Shop (10 Crusader Coins each)
  • Events
  • Daily Gift

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