What are the main differences between Reboot World and Regular Servers in MapleStory?

calendar_todayPosted on 13th November 2020

MapleStory Reboot World was introduced in patch V.168 Reboot Patch designed to combat the issues of pay-to-win aspects of MapleStory Regular servers. Since the release of Reboot World, there have been many changes to both worlds, trying to find the best balance between them to make players happy.

There are two Reboot Worlds, one in North America Region and one in Europe Region. The NA Reboot World is currently the most popular server in the whole of MapleStory GMS. Coincidentally, the least popular server is actually Europe Reboot World.

When Reboot World was first released, there was no European version, which meant many Europeans had to play on NA servers. When the Europe version was finally released in July 2018, almost 3 years after the initial Reboot Server was released, many players had made too much progress in the NA region to justify jumping servers, so still to this day you get many Europeans playing the North American version. There is currently no region block between the two servers. There also hasn't been an event to transfer your account from one region to another as of yet (unlikely to happen).

Differences between Reboot World and Regular Servers

Reboot World

  • No Trading - There is absolutely no trading between players on Reboot Worlds. That means there is no Auction, Trades, Dropping Items for other characters etc. You can transfer items via Storage to your other characters, apart from Equipment items.
  • Increased Meso Rate - Reboot World has a 6x mesos rate than normal servers. This means mesos dropped from mobs is 6 times higher than Regular Servers
  • Cubes For Mesos - Potential Cubes such as Red and Black Cubes can be purchased in the CashShop for mesos. This is one of the main ways players increase their damage. In regular servers, cubes need to be purchased with NX.
  • Monsters have higher HP and EXP - The EXP and HP of regular monsters in MapleStory is increased in Reboot Worlds.
  • No Spell Tracing - The spell tracing system is removed in Reboot World. Instead, Spell Traces sell for 5,000 mesos each.
  • Mesos for Hyper Teleport Rock - The Hyper Teleport Rock allows players to travel all over Maple world with ease. In Regular servers this costs NX to buy.
  • Equipment Drops - Equipment drops for your character's class, rather than getting random equipment for other jobs.
  • Mesos for Monster Park Tickets - You can pay Mesos for Monster Park Tickets instead of NX.
  • Mesos for Slot Expansion Coupons - Increase your Inventory slots with Mesos.
  • No Red Familiar Cards - The newly revamped Familiar system requires NX items to reset the potential of Familiars. In Reboot World, these items are not available, and thus, Reboot players have to grind for hundreds and thousands of copies of a Familiar to get good results.
  • Maple Tour - Maple Tour gives significantly more Mesos in Reboot World. Unfortunately, the extra entry tickets cost Maple Points (a form of NX) making it one of the first pay-to-win features added to Reboot World.
  • No Bonus Potential - Bonus Potential stats are not available in Reboot World
  • No Marvel Machine Items - Marvel Machine items are some of the most powerful and useful items in MapleStory; such as Frenzy Totem, Permanent Hyper Teleport Rock, Battleroid and more. These are only available for Regular servers.
  • No CashShop 2x EXP - CashShop Coupons that give double drop and exp are not available in Reboot Worlds.
  • No Vacume Pets - These pets allow for items and mesos to be sucked in by your pet as you move around maps, they are only available in Regular Servers.
  • Gachapon Limited - No pay-to-win items are in Gachapon.

The biggest difference is convienence. In Regular Servers you can pay to speed up your progression but in Reboot World you have to grind for everything. You can still enjoy MapleStory as a free-to-play player in Regular Servers, you just have to grind for mesos by buying and selling items in the Auction House.

The level of difficulty in Regular Servers is also lessened slightly, as they have access to more damage boosters, such as Spell Tracing and Bonus Potential. There are also certain powerful items that can make the game a lot easier that are only available in Regular servers.

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