What are the best cubes for ranking up in MapleStory?

calendar_todayPosted on 9th November 2020

Cubing in MapleStory is one of the best ways to upgrade your damage and the best damage lines come from ranking up your equipment with Cubes to Legendary Tier. There are many different types of Cubes in MapleStory and whilst the tier-up rates have not been released, based on user data of using thousands and thousands of cubes, we can determine the tier-up rate.

MapleStory's Potential System is based on RNG. Whilst the rates below are pretty accurate, there are times where your luck will go against you and you end up using more cubes that expected. Sometimes you'll get lucky, and you'll use only a few cubes. That is the nature of RNG mechanics, but over time it evens out to the rates below.

In MapleStory GMS, the main cubes used are Red and Black Cubes. In Reboot World, these cubes can be purchased for mesos, in Regular Servers they can be purchased with NX (real money). Below you can view their Tier-up rates.

Icon Cube Epic Unique Legendary
Red Cube Red Cube 10% 5% 2.5%
Black Cube Black Cube 20% 10% 5%

 As you can see, Black Cubes have a Tier-Up rate that is double of Red Cubes. So if your goal is to get your piece of equipment to Legendary rank, Black Cubes are the way to go.

If your goal is to get 15% main stat, you may be better off using Red Cubes, as you can get 15% main stat with Red Cubes at Unique Rank.

During special events such as Double Miracle Time, the tier-up rates are doubled. This is the best time to rank up equipment; unfortunately the event only happens a couple of times a year.


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